About Us

 border= At Seneca, we believe that everyone deserves year-round access to great-tasting food that's also great for you.  That's why we're bringing families and organizations all over the world food that's nutritious, affordable and delicious.

Our snack products are made in the beautiful Yakima Valley, which is noted for being one of the best apple producing areas in the world (also for producing three quarters of the nation's hops and some of the state's most delightful wines... no worries...we never mix business with pleasure).

Sustainability Practices

  • Potatoes to Paper - Potato starches released during slicing are captured and used to make recycled paper products.
  • Bad Apples to Good Soil - Apples and sweet potatoes that don't meet our high standards are composted to make topsoil.
  • Recovered Oil to Bio-fuel - Excess cooking oil is captured and used to create environmentally friendly bio-diesel fuel.
  • Old Containers to New Ones - Cardboard that comes into the plant is compacted and recycled - metal and poly drums are cleaned and sent back to our suppliers for reuse.

From farm to table goodness, it's what we're all about!